Work Placements In Keynsham 2016

Following discussions in Libourne, a placement was arranged for Aurore Tourenne, pictured below.

She stayed with Treasurer Lisa O’Brien, who introduced her to the English way of life and together they visited many places of interest in the region. She worked in the Offices of Keynsham Town Council. Read her impressions here .

In the autumn, nineteen year old Ines visited Keynsham, with financial assistance from the Office of the Mayor of Libourne. Her aim was to improve her English to help further her ambition of becoming a Personal Assistant.

A work placement (Mon-Fri, 9-5) at Waitrose was organised. She was given a uniform and welcomed into the staff social life: attending Keynsham’s Winter Festival, the Christmas Party and being presented with gifts on her last day there.

Throughout her six week stay she lived with Carole Duckett (President) where she was treated as one of the family, visiting their family and friends, taking part in family celebrations joining in with a skittles match and going to concerts. Together they visited Bristol Docks, Salisbury, and Longleat’s Chinese Illuminations.

The visit came at the time of the Paris shooting incident at Charlie Hebdo but Inis insisted on staying. She has kept in touch with her family here and they plan to meet again!