Twinned With Libourne for Over 30 Years

We are a friendly group of local residents who meet regularly. We participate in social events and exchange visits to Libourne in south west France. Our aim is to foster good relationships with our French neighbours and promote a greater cultural awareness - a real entente cordiale.

Keynsham (population 16,000) is midway between Bristol and Bath, on the confluence of the Rivers Avon & Chew. It about 2 hours by train from London. Libourne (population 22,500) on the River Dordogne is surrounded by miles of vineyards, the backbone of the economy. It has an ancient Town Hall & mediaeval centre with modern shops inside the old stone buildings but the suburbs are modern. Paris is about 3 hours away by TGV.

Why Choose Twinning?

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Proposed Social Events (2016)

Next Exchange

2016 Libourne visit to Keynsham, celebrating 40 years of our Twinning

Map of Keynsham, UK

Map of Libourne, France